Brand Strategy + Project Coaching + Pricing Strategy + Website Architecture

Lauren Klein is an artist, futures theorist, and the founder of Aesthetic Autonomy. Her mind is brilliant, her ideas vast, and her services deep. 

When she first came to me for project support, it was about her website. What we learned quickly is that what she really needed support with was distilling her ideas and services into digestible pieces for her future clients and movement participants.

We took the map of her work, which is vast, and again, deep, and converted it into language that potential clients could understand. They come to her to learn to cut their hair during the pandemic, but ultimately, what they get is a lesson in futures thinking about their participation in a global capitalist complex, and learn ways to free themselves from that. It's a small gesture with a big impact.

Also, how does one frame the cost of this experience? What is it worth? We dove into that as well and created packages that lifted pricing to the true value of the experience while remaining accessible, and with options for lower income folks to participate in these rich experiences.

Ultimately, we were able to connect the pieces between the visual and interactive art, the futures thinking documents and presentations, and the revenue-driving and public-facing journey of her hair clients. Wow. A four month journey that is now clearly accessible on her website that she was able to crack codes on (a Squarespace template that we squeezed to its end).

And Aesthetic Autonomy? What does it mean? Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 6.49.35 PM.png

I knew I needed to shift my site from being a portfolio of my work into something way more clear and communicative: a client-facing site, easy to use, geared towards selling, with my research and manifesto there, too - for anyone who wants to dive deep. Nicole figured [how] to organize my conceptual work and the services I sell into the same site… very important, as they are one-in-the-same.  She constructed a framework for the design, I built it, and then she lent her eye to teach me how to see the problematic visual elements that I couldn’t see.

 It’s been fun for me as many more people have gotten super excited about my work by checking out my (much more usable) website.  


Founder, Aesthetic Autonomy