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Rise in Resonance

Project Coaching + Management & Consulting

Cultivating an original methodology from a life of emergent talent and deep intellectual study is a rare and difficult thing to accomplish. Amy Thiessen is one of those brilliant minds that has achieved just that, and wanted to put her program, Rise In Resonance -  a training that cultivates the voice and expression through a combination of yogic science and clear impactful communication training - onto a digital learning platform.

At the outset of our 3-month commitment, what we realized as we began to distill the curriculum into coursework for the digital learning platform was that Amy had a massive compendium of knowledge. We then discovered that this course would benefit from being curated into multiple channels that interacted together to build her audience, as opposed to one big launch. What unfolded was a natural progression where we looked at every avenue and tributary of her business, from the exact offerings to copy to pricing strategy to website best practices, and refreshed them into an engagement (sales) funnel. We created more concise and consistent language, accompanied by a website architecture that follows best practices, sending her potential clients and students directly to where she’d like them to go… to experience her offerings.

Here's the creative consult skills we used to get there:

  • Copywriting

  • Website Architecture & Best Practices

  • Branding Consult: logo concept, colors, photo selection

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Marketing Plan

  • Business Coaching

Please visit Amy and her groundbreaking work here.

Project Completed: 2019

Nicole is amazing. She offered incredible technical insight while cheerleading me in and genuinely believing in my work. It was like being in business with the perfect partner. I felt supported and inspired and also challenge in a way that enable me to create and build something that felt both professional and genuine.



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