Website + Business Coaching

Andrew Roberts-Gray is an American contemporary artist with a career spanning four decades. After many years with a template website, it was high time for a sophisticated digital presence.  

We wanted more for Andrew than just a portfolio and CV-based site. So often artist sites don't actually give access to the full experience of the work. They can't, really - there's nothing like being in person with art, but there is definitely enough space to offer more than what has been standard. We wanted a level of generosity with this new virtual identity so Andrew could share his process and philosophies to give viewers more access.

In order to do that, we began with an interactive timeline designed to be updated as needed. Then, we prepared the galleries and employed the wonderful work of documentarian Shawn O'Connor to record the complexity of the work (and remixed it for the Process page). To accompany traditional statements, we transcribed an artist's talk, so within just a few clicks, you could get closer to Andrew's process.

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When I began working with Nicacelly I had some vague notions that i wanted to become a better art businessman. I needed a new website that matched the depth and 40 year commitment of my practice.  Nicole worked with me to see myself in a different light, in the context of an accomplished artist and communicator.


This led to the visioning of a new website that creatively and technically matched the complexity of my paintings, the ideas lurking in them, and the backstory that accompanies much of my work. I ask alot of my audience.

I feel that the website now is an extension of my artistic work and will help people to understand my passion, ridiculous visions, and assist my audience.  Nicole facilitated my embracing myself as an art businessman and creating this unique website.