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Design support +  Marketing + Social Media + Copywriting + Video Editing

João is from Brazil. And he's been studying and practicing and teaching in the healing and movement arts since he was 18. With over 2300 accrued training hours (which is exponential compared to most), he is a bodyworker on land and in water, yoga teacher, ThaiVedic educator and practitioner... in short, João is an exceptionally prolific teacher.

When João was planning his first international 200-hour teacher training and releasing his new BASA Curriculum to the yoga world, he was looking for marketing support and branding guidance to meet an ambitious goal. 


I worked with him in a creative capacity for copy, photo selection, taglines, social media, and website architecture. We realized that his offerings were more than just a yoga teacher training- This was beyond that. What he was offering was training where students would write their own manual, practice in the water and in the shala, and learn AcroYoga, and Thai massage.

He is now planning is second & third international teacher trainings and retreats, for launch in 2020. Please visit his beautiful offerings here.

completed: 2018

Lead photo: the incredible Camellia Nieh

Nicole has been a powerful marketing mentor for me. Our work together was transformative, in a way that helped me attune to my purpose and calling.


She brilliantly coached me in my re-branding and instilled great confidence in the way I present my work to the world.



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