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The Camino de Sonoma is a 75 mile walk from the historic Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonoma to the Russian Orthodox Chapel in Fort Ross State Historic Park, offering those who travel it an embodied experience that is physical, spiritual, historical, agricultural, environmental, communal, and cultural. The Camino de Sonoma, or ancient pathway, stretches across the ancestral lands of Coast Miwok, Wappo, Southern Pomo and Kashia Pomo. This route takes in the unique history of this land where indigenous tribes were confronted by  colonial culture from both the East (Russia) and West (Spain).

A truly diverse community rooted in progressive interfaith values, I was honored to support this organization into its first full-fledged site, brand story, and communications launch. The process and quality of collaboration with the founders set a new course in the kind of work that I offer for nonprofits and those seeking to heal through acts of social justice, including the experience of, as Adam refers to as the "human speed of 3 miles per hour."

Together with the founders, I built upon the early work of the Camino's founders and close-knit walking community to expand their language into something that remains true to the foundations of faith while expanding for those who might not be familiar. We workshopped words, intentions, and future vision to bring the Camino to more people, building access for this incredible experience. Please learn more about them, and experience the fruits of our collaboration, here.

My partner and I came to Nicacelly because we needed a website. The challenge for us has not just been in regards to the technical or programming elements but also in understanding how to develop clear and inspiring messaging around our unique organization. Nicole's approach to her work, her collaborative process, and her genuine care for us to be able to let the world know about the work we are doing allowed us not only to launch a great website but to better understand who the Camino de Sonoma is as an organization. The experience really highlighted for us not only how capable and creative Nica is, but how there really is such a thing as "synergy" that can be experienced when projects are approached in this way.


Co-founder, Camino De Sonoma

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