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Full Branding & Website:

Wordmark Logo + Website + Opt-In Strategy + Print Collateral + Copywriting + Email Templates

Carolyn Cohen is a brilliant multi-disciplinary licensed acupuncturist. After returning to the Bay Area after many years of practice, teaching, and studying abroad,  she was interested in a social media strategy and to create access to her telehealth services during Covid. When we went into her systems, we realized that it would be more appropriate to build an integrated system with a cohesive look & feel for her to drive new offerings from, including building a health coaching program she had been devising for a long time.

We dove into the what and the why first, building upon her work and detailing it from a client-facing perspective. We assessed all the offerings, pricing, client profiles, and connected the dots on package pricing and the monthly wellness coaching. This key program, Essential Wellness, was birthed from the Covid pandemic, and would be a new channel to serve and support remotely.


While the strategy was being established, we began the branding look & feel that drew from deep purples, magentas, pacific blues, and of course, gold. We designed a nimble and flexible, video-forward online platform that Carolyn can use and edit on her own, including communications strategies. Further, we developed an opt-in strategy so that she can build her list and continue to engage her list with focused, revenue & community-driving content.

The result is not only just a "website," but a fully informed system that Caroline has the reigns to, as well as a new boost for 2021 with offerings that support clients throughout the changes of our times (like, for real).

Project Completed: 2020

Working with Nicole for my website renovation and personal branding has been nothing short of inspirational. My business had changed a lot since my last website and we had many elements to re-work; sometimes it was overwhelming but Nicole was a steady guide. Her expertise, support, and humor provided clarity and confidence in the process and her marketing savvy was inspiring and energizing. The end result is much more than a modern, well-functioning website - it's also a foundation for effective engagement with my customers. I can't recommend her highly enough!


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