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Naomi Cohen-Thompson

Multi-Channel Website

Naomi has been a therapist for nearly 15 years, working in community and through nonprofits to bring her art therapy practice into communities. Simultaneously, she maintains her own art practice, and is building a commission-based design studio. As she opened up her office for private practice, she wondered she could connect the two practices in one online identity. And this is what we created.

Do you have diverse expressions of your career and looking how to connect them? Please join me for a complementary 30-minute collaboration call to see how we can connect all the dots.

Working with Nica has ben multi-faceted, clear, rich, inspiring, and thorough. Through conversation, creative experimentation and an organized and comfortable pace, I now have a beautiful and user-friendly website and and a professional direction reflective of our shared process. Her trusting and strong approach boosted my confidence and challenged me to think through exactly how I aimed to share my work with others. Can't recommend her work enough.


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