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Site Migration & Radio Archive Development 

Chris Desser is a thought leader (I use this term very carefully), an artist, and host of Enthusiasms on KWMR. She had a Squarespace site, and needed a migration to something "that worked". The site needed to function as an art and radio archive, but also writings, too - she's done numerous projects over the years, etc. et al.

I literally copied her Squarespace site onto a more friendly Wix interface. The two were identical by the time we concluded, but with additional functionality, including a radio archive that is updated regularly. See, there's a way that Squarespace does things wonderfully, but Wix does things (ask me about the difference) better for certain formats... so it's a user-friendly experience. Feel it here.

Got a site that needs a makeover?

Let's talk about it.
Join me for a free & productive conversation.

I have worked with Nicacelly on many projects over many years from meetings to websites and I will in the future. It is always a wonderful, successful and satisfying experience.  Nica is detail-oriented and does what she says she will do on time and on budget.  She is both efficient and creative— her suggestions are always useful.  She is a pleasure to work with.


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