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Branding + Business Alignment Coaching + Offerings Distillment + Pricing Strategy + Communications

Christine Martin first launched The Good Abode nearly a decade ago, after co-founding one of the first online interior design companies. Her talent for connecting new ideas in design thought to our living spaces is her expertise. She is brilliant at making full sense of how the energetics of a space connect with the objects we choose to live with. This perspective has earned her a beautiful reputation that spans continents (literally, she's worked on Unesco world heritage sites, community centers, and of course, homes from Mexico to Copenhagen). 


She also has developed a keen knowledge of international logistics, and can make magic happen, and is doing so in her satellite studio in Baja Sur, Mexico.

All that said, she was working with a piecemeal website and offerings that hadn't been updated to reflect her experience. Christine needed a brand refresh and relaunch.


By working from the inside out, we were able to hone in on a real mission statement and prepare for the next chapter of her career. We began by developing cohesive branding language - the core of what she does, how she does it, and her philosophy- a most global perspective with complex ideas that introduce her method to clients with ease. We also developed a new logo to connect her highly active social channels under one visual language. 


Yes, you are married to your business.

Let's talk about it.
Join me for a productive 30-minute conversation to align what you are up to and where you want to go.

We also took a thorough audit of her sales channels. We saw what was working, which concepts were still in development, and which new ideas were ready for launch. We updated her pricing to remain competitive while honoring her long career and expertise. New offerings were cultivated in a flexible template format on her website so she can continue to iterate her inspiration to grow. Businesses are living entities, after all.

The living result is an expanded elegant website that showcases her portfolio while sharing impactful and new ideas in design. And... it looks beautiful on mobile, too.


Check it out here.

Nicacelly's holistic approach to branding, messaging, and business development is what attracted me to work with her. I needed help transforming my brand and site to align with the new direction of my business. It would take more than changing a little content or the template of my site, or adding a new logo. It was about going deep. 


There's a way she peeled back the layers to uncover who I am now, how I want to be of service now. NIca's process was a journey of self discovery. She took on the role of guide, coach, mentor, and creative wizard, inviting me to step outside the box and reach further. She helped me hold the big picture in view when the details felt overwhelming. Her humor, focused presence, and wide smile brought ease to the process as well. 


I see my business as an extension of who I am, an expression of my values and skills. Nica's work has elevated my site in a way that lets me engage more authentically with my clients and community and build my business. For this, I am deeply grateful. 


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