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Let's Work Together.

Here is the policy.

Each new client receives a free 30-minute intake about the project, after which a scope of work proposal is created and presented at a second meeting, usually within 1 week.

If the client chooses to move forward with the project, a final (if needed) scope will be presented upon deposit, including a project timeline and payment schedule. The contract begins when the deposit is received and the terms approved by the client. The timeline of the project is set at the first kickoff meeting.


Packages are based on estimates of hours and a calendar date scope that leave enough room for projects to be completed. To stay within the package allotment depends on the efficiency between the client and Nicacelly's planned meetings, requested deliveries, and approvals to achieve realistic and productive timelines. Upon agreement of terms of the project package, Nicacelly pre-books the time that is necessary to complete the project. If the client cannot deliver requested approvals within that time, Nicacelly reserves the right to receive payment for the remainder of the project, and then the project moves to the regular hourly rate as outlined in the final scope. 

Client Payment Options:

Payments are encouraged by Venmo or ACH bank transfer to avoid bank fees.

Clients do have the choice to pay via credit card through the website, however,  a fee of 3% of that amount will be applied to the next invoice. Final payment must be received prior to final deliverables (i.e. automation set up, domain hook up for sites, and/or final brand book).

Meeting Cancellations:

Scheduled meetings can be rescheduled within 48 hours. Last-minute cancellations are charged at the regular rate or are billed out to the project's hours. Clients are strongly encouraged to make meetings as it is part of the rhythm that ensures the timely delivery of a project.

About Project Packages:

Project rates include all copywriting, design, consulting time, consultation, and virtual or in-person meetings. The client is responsible for providing digital visual assets, stock photography, custom photography, printing, and domain and web hosting costs. Hours accrued after the proposed project amount for additional projects are billed at the regular rate, or purchased in bulk via aftercare packages presented in the scope.


Refunds or Termination of Agreements:

There are no refunds. Clients will be billed as agreed upon in the scope and as work is delivered. Either party reserves the right to cancel a project with 30 days' notice and a final payment of work done and delivered, accounted for by Nicacelly Creative's time management report via Harvest. 


Effective as of October 23, 2020 

Revised (payments and terminations) June 6, 2023

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