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Manifesto Distillation & Copywriting

Consciously is the rare kind of marketing agency that has been responding to cultural discrepancies in marketing well prior to 2020's visible uptick in the need for equity marketing from an honest and non-performative place. 

In the spring of 2020, Rai-mon Barnes, founder, and long-time collaborator contacted me to support his efforts to distill a simple but revolutionary notion... that we are not just ideal customer profiles as individuals, but that we are part of complex community systems that need to be looked at with care, respect, and possibility.

By relieving businesses of  disillusioned performance, and moving them towards honest and achievable objectives, we articulate a new gesture in marketing that flips the record and speaks with volume. It was an honor and privilege to work with this agency that is changing the way that large nonprofits and businesses shift their internal systems to reflect the growing resonance of equity and inclusion.

The goal is the articulation of the idea, voice, and aesthetic not just one and the resource was Nicole. It could not have been communicated better had I written it myself and that was the point. Nicole is a marketing empath, she really gets inside of what you're looking to communicate so that she can produce deliverables with accuracy and quality. We'll be working together again hopefully for many years to come.


Founder of Consciously, a B-Corp

Need some idea distillation or content writing?

Let's connect for a productive and free conversation to discover how we can work together.

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