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What everyone needs to know about Tamara Lo is that she is hilarious. Dubbed the "tech whisperer," she's been training developers at Google for over 15 years. She has a brilliant way about her, and ideas that radiate and need a platform.

What inspired me the most about Tamara is that she has a distinctive point of view- one that takes the 80's and 90's high school gym class experience and remixes it into a healing adventure of accessible, super-fun small group training and soon, the great P.E. Do-Over, which is the overarching concept of her work, which we harvested as the tagline for her online offerings.

This site was so much fun to create, hilarious, and fun. YES. Please do sign up- you'll receive what was a great writing coup, a revisioning of the Emma Lazarus' Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor. We insist...

Project Completed: 2020

I have a small children's yoga teacher training company and hired Nicole to do a necessary rebranding. I am ecstatic with my new website, but that barely scratches the surface with the work that she did for my company. She listened, dug in deep and made amazing proposals. I knew I was working hard, but Nicole helped identify where I was working too hard- she reorganized the entire backend, eliminated superfluous efforts, helped me maximize efficiency and streamlined marketing/promotion goals. I have a marketing plan for the first time in my career that is working with great returns from clients happening already. The clarity that she identified means I can be more focused, work smart and have more time for my family and life balance.



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