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Palliative Care Consultant

Branding + Business Alignment Coaching + Offerings Distillment + Pricing Strategy 

Dara Downs has been a palliative care nurse for over a decade.

She has navigated families and individuals through timely and difficult narrows to understand the healthcare system at tender junctures. 

After much contemplation, she was looking for a way to grow her career independently and approached me with an open inquiry of what she could do to not just supplement her vibrant career, but truly offer more service to those in need.

With this in mind - both lifestyle, and dharmic path, we decided on a palliative care consultancy. Unusual in her field, she tends to individuals and families who are facing life-threatening circumstances and supports families to consensus around care of their loved ones.

Now open and receiving clients, you can visit her site here

Working with Nica on this project was an ever evolving landscape. She helped navigate and expand on my ideas landing on a business that was both meaningful and purposeful!


She was such a gem of a guide and became more like a business coach than a web designer. I am eternally grateful for her guidance, patience and ability to problem solve. Her humour and quick wit, plus her never ending support were so important to my successful completion of this project.


I am forever grateful!




Let's talk about it.
Join me for a productive 30-minute conversation to align what you are up to and where you want to go.

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