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Brand & Operations Refresh:
Wordmark Logo + Website + Copywriting
+ Editable Digital & Print Collateral & Email Templates, Brand Book + Marketing Strategy & Tactics 

Deven Sisler is an established Yoga & AcroYoga Teacher who is a pioneer of Kids Yoga and a co-founder of Family AcroYoga. Her mission: to train educators and teachers to build children's equity through mindfulness, yoga, and play.

She came to us with a website of various offerings, but no customer-facing site architecture, a very loose customer journey, and virtually no calls to action or sign-up forms. She was ready for a brand and operational refresh.

We first worked on Deven's visual language: a clean, bright, and shape-driven minimalist feel and a commitment to playful imagery focused on the ultimate client, the children. We drew inspiration from Swedish iconic design such as Marimekko, saturated bright colors, and 70's vintage sports editorial collage.​ 

After establishing the look & feel, we got to work on the website and the business. We streamlined operations by building a new customer-facing experience on the website and efficient marketing and work processes on the backend. We swapped out multi-vendor marketing for a centralized system from which to market, collect money, and book appointments. We integrated forms and identified calls to action for each customer profile, creating access points along the way. Where once were multiple pages that didn't function to serve her potential clients, now are customer-focused pages and clear, actionable journeys.

While we were working on the website, a training was coming up and there were only a few sign-ups. We devised a quick tactic to sound the bell that this wonderful training was happening and within 48 hours, it was sold out. Based on that customized tactic and best practices, we developed a replicable monthly marketing program that Deven can execute in her busy schedule, including digital templates, themes, and calendars.

Deven's project is the precise expression of how Nicacelly Creative does holistic branding. By looking at Deven's full scope of work and career, we were able to build new branding, activate the community around her work, and shine light and drive future clients directly to her deeply meaningful offerings. 

I have a small children's yoga teacher training company and hired Nicole to do a necessary rebranding. I am ecstatic with my new website, but that barely scratches the surface with the work that she did for my company. She listened, dug in deep and made amazing proposals. I knew I was working hard, but Nicole helped identify where I was working too hard- she reorganized the entire backend, eliminated superfluous efforts, helped me maximize efficiency and streamlined marketing/promotion goals. I have a marketing plan for the first time in my career that is working with great returns from clients happening already. The clarity that she identified means I can be more focused, work smart and have more time for my family and life balance.


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