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One Page Website for DJ Christie James

Christie James began her career in radio while in Italy with the US Armed Forces. Since then, she's been a star voice of the Bay Area, and now, nationally broadcast radio. If you've turned on the Martha Quinn show on I Heart Radio, you've likely heard her, and felt her smile. She has infectious energy you can connect with through the airwaves. 

Thing is, radio isn't the only thing Christie does. She is also a live music DJ and produces custom mixes, hosts public events as an emcee, and is active in the LGTBQ community as an activist and leader. She had a template site that was half-finished and a couple of logos. Our goal was to align the vision of what she does, her infectious personality, and her joyous tone with where she is going. And do it all with a one-page site.

Christie, though she's behind the mic more often than not, is best seen and heard. We harnessed her community through color, with black, white, and Prince purple. Then we remixed her own videos with relevant and rare stock to create energy on the page. Most of all, we worked on a detailed contact form to cut down on time with intakes, making the most of her time and efforts. On it, we were able to squeeze in her press, a new bio, ordered offerings that inspire folks to contact her, and some sweet pixie dust.


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