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Website Design + Copywriting

In 2017, I was approached to support the creation of a website for EarthClaims. EarthClaims is an organization that audits for over 15 animal welfare certifications on ranches and farms across America. They had a non-functioning website with no contact gateway, near no images, and lots of links that went nowhere. So, we got to work.

Outside of just creating a functioning website, we also dove into copywriting the team's bios,  laying out all the services from a customer-facing perspective, and supported all that by creating calls to action and contact points on each page. Within the first week, they got the call... from the Angus Producers of America. 

I also supported training for their staff to write their own blog posts, and I'm stoked to say, they are still writing them! It was my first foray into animal agriculture and food certification, and not the last.

Nicole's creative vision and skill in design and communication gave our company the vibrant web presence we need. 


We enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her!



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