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Mini Branding Package + Landing Page + Business Card + Print Brochure

When Katie and Paola decided to strike out on their own with Elder Pros, an elder placement company, they contacted me to create a cohesive look and feel to launch their company. 

What they do is incredible. They work with families to place their loved ones who can no longer care for themselves or live independently find compassionate in-home or long-term care. 

The challenge was to create a one-page website with clear calls to action to support someone who is looking for help quickly, as often their customers only have 48 hours to place a loved one out of a nursing home or hospital. We had to be direct without being aggressive. By researching the psychology of color in the eldercare industry, we discovered a beautiful sage and gold palette that speaks to the calm and nurturing the quality of their work. Paired with easy-to-read fonts and action-oriented copywriting,  utilizing the triple segment flow of the online experience, we created something that is just enough and not-too-much, focused on the task at hand: to get folks to call when they are in need. We also developed a brochure in a new way not seen in their industry, setting them apart.

Good news... Elder Pros business is up.

Completed 2019

It has been such a beautiful process working with Nicole.
We loved the energy and vision she brought to our project.


We loved the end result! Our business cards are poppin' and the website is looking and sounding great! What I loved most was the beautiful working energy!


It was awesome collaborating with Nicacelly Creative. Can't thank her enough. 


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