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Full Brand Package + Website + Marketing 

If Stevie Nicks and Sri Aurobindo had a baby, it would be Erika Van Gemeren. Her unique style of devotion and tantric wisdom and unapologetic rock and roll background begged for a solid online experience. She also recently opened up new offerings outside of retreats and public classes to include esoteric healings and kirtan gatherings.

In order to create a cohesive experience, we began with her business card and developed a wordmark logo as well as the icon of the kundalini snake (which I based on the California Kingsnake). We used the elements of smoke and gold foil for her cards, translating it to lighter, more cloud-like experience on the web, almost dreamy. Encouraging her to create video resulted in a beautiful movement-based experience, and we worked together to pool together her strengths into a marketing plan she could actually manage.

And we still work together. The site has gone through multiple updates to support her seasonal offerings and where she is currently focusing. For example, in 2019, there were multiple yoga retreats, and now Erika is focusing on her private practice. The ability to work 1:1 to discuss the business goals and adapt the site to those changes has proven super valuable to Erika's business.

Working with Nicole on my website was easeful, inspiring, and all around fun! I gave her a couple images of the look I was going for but she was able to convey the message and look I was going for that I couldn’t put into words. She has an innate and intuitive way of seeing your whole being and distilling it into the brand. Whenever I pass out my card, everybody wants to know who designed them....she is that good! I cannot recommend her enough!


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