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Branding + Website + Launch 

Emily Gilliom is an artist. She has worked in textiles, as a pastry chef, and leatherworker. Now, she has discerned these paths into a new endeavor: Flyer Design Studio. Her most sophisticated work yet, FDS features her handmade high-end bags, wallets, shoulder bags, and custom work that are chromatically bright, memorable, and of exceptional quality. 

In order to support her V.2 site and launch, we began with branding and a visual identity alongside her design philosophy. What emerged was a juxtaposition of the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest and the deep nature that Emily grew up in, and the brightness of her work. The bright colors came through the early morning fog, if you will, and can surely brighten a Seattle winter day.

We cleaned up her V.1 logo and chose fonts that could be used across print and web. A palette drawn from her leather collection inspired her brand palette.  Her philosophy and use of keywords such as slow fashion (which indeed her work is), and focusing on the local (she currently makes each custom bag by hand in Oakland, California), grounded the copy and distinct visuals. We designed the site so that you could shop by style, or color, and experience those options. 

What's behind the scenes are her business systems - her retail and wholesale policies, order forms and strategies for custom work, and more. The result is an unusual and dramatic site with the personalities of weather and product, side by side. It is a reflection of her own life and work, and an invitation to experience color through the fog.

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