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Branding + Messaging + Policies + Website

​Jolene Beilstein is, well, one of the best bodyworkers in West County Sonoma. Good luck getting an appointment... for massage at least.


Here's why:

Jolene's really good at what she does. Like, really really good. And, she's always deepening her education more all the time about the somatics, rhythms, and patterns of this human experience through the body. This academic and hands-on endeavor has created a new business channel and offering for her clients: Hanna Somatic Education.

Integrating this new offering came with a good look at her site, which was developed earlier on in her career and was in desperate need of a refresh. Also, she wanted to include a lot of inclusivity messaging, policies of engagement, and align with her community in an open, accessible way. She was set on a new business name: Freebird Bodywork. 

The experience of freeing the body can often feel cinematic, a montage of experience where there is a memory of what was, and a rebirth of what is to come. Jolene wanted a specific color scheme of deep earth tones that we matched with edited videos of the experience of the body in flight, golden touches, and cinematic features that echo the coastal places where she practices. Some fog, deep muddy river waters, ink,  - all of it, into an interactive experience.

Also, statements of inclusivity, of financial variability, of service. It's all in there. Oh yeah, and kick-ass testimonials. See her live here.

Nicacelly is a true alchemist.  Her ability to transmute my vague and general idea of "a vibe" into a tangible, evocative product was astounding.  Working with Nica to create a new website was a fun and enlightening experience - two words that I would have ever used to describe this process before meeting her!  I look forward to working with her on future projects.



There's nothing like making an actual connection these days. You are invited to a free complimentary call with me.  I get to learn about your project or business, and share with you ways that I can support it. Whether you are working towards clarity on a new endeavor, have hit fits and starts and are ready to pave the path once and for all, these conversations are productive for everyone. 


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