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Branding + Messaging + Policies + Website

​Heather Shepherd is a brilliant holistic practitioner who offers a specific philosophy that spans multiple modalities: wilderness work, journey work, and transitional life coaching inclusive of death doula work. In short, she is a magnificently trained guide and practitioner... I honestly cannot recommend her enough. 

When it was time for her to go full time with her therapeutic offerings, we got to work distilling not just the offerings, but also the tone and the feeling of what she brings to her clients.  

The experience of freeing the mind can often feel cinematic, a montage of experience where there is a memory of what was, and a rebirth of what is to come. Just like any new business endeavor, it required of us deep writing, philosophy development, as well as service specificity, which in this day and age, can be difficult to transmute public-facing.

The result is a video-driven, mature site that is accessible, with calls to action, events, and details of philosophy, so that when a client comes to the site, they get as close to the real things as possible. 

Also, statements of lineage, place, of financial variability, of service. It's all in there. Oh yeah, and kick-ass testimonials. See her live here.

How do I best sing Nica's praises?  Is it her persisted, gentle nudges? Her brilliant creative vision? Her wizardry regarding current, ahead of the curve design? Her enthusiastic support of my new emerging ideas?  I lovingly called her my “business development hound”,  but she is more accurately like a Shepherd:  gently, yet purposefully guiding me towards my goal, even as my visions shifted and grew through the process.  She worked WITH me to define my vision, then diligently worked for me in designing a site to reflect that vision.  She worked WITH me to find my pace, then for me to push me just enough outside my comfort zones to get me rolling.  Working with Nica has been fun, nourishing, productive and satisfying.  I couldn't ask for a better coach, designer, brand creator and guide in developing my vision.



There's nothing like making an actual connection these days. You are invited to a free complimentary call with me.  I get to learn about your project or business, and share with you ways that I can support it.

Whether you are working towards clarity on a new endeavor, have hit fits and starts and are ready to pave the path once and for all, these conversations are productive for everyone. 


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