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Album Artwork + Bandcamp Page Makeover

Jordan Muller is an interdisciplinary musician whose prolific sounds cross the genres of metal, jazz, and experimental sound. His music is layered majesty and mystery simultaneously, designed to be listened to and focused on, opposed to a background for activity- a sound experience that is as earthen as it is psychedelic. And that is where our personal work meets- layers of landscape and enough aberration to hold attention and inspire curiosity.


He wanted to capture that golden light that NorCal is famous for. We found it, reflexively, in the very place where his homage to his time in California was: literally, his house. When Jordan approached me looking for an album cover while the album was still in production, we took a series of photos of the home where he recorded most of the album: a 12x10' standalone on a Buddhist property in Graton, California. Those photographs would prove to be the source of the album, along with foggy coastal images of Tomales Bay.

Together with key branding colors of black and marigold, we were able to not only complete the digital & print covers, but also redesign his Bandcamp page. And that is the great tie-up.

Please turn down the lights, position your speakers optimally, have a lay down, and feel California here.

Have a project that needs some soulful creative direction?

Let's talk about it over a free and productive conversation to discover how we can work together.

I had the honor of working with Nicole on a recent project and the entire process was a complete blessing to be a part of.  Nicole took the time to truly listen to me and to understand who I was and what I was wanting to accomplish.  This didn't feel like I was just getting some design work done:  I was being compassionately educated on how best to take my vision and make it a reality.  

She has an immense amount of wisdom regarding web design, marketing, and visual arts and she seamlessly integrates them all to provide work that is stunning, effective, and thoughtful.  I can't recommend her enough.


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