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Branding + Website + Business Re-Launch + Communications

Naomi Minturn has cultivated an edge in the fast-paced and competitive tech recruiting world. She's figured out the ingredients for a secret sauce that has start-up founders continuing to call her, despite the booms and busts of the industry. 

Her business is strong, and she's done it without a whole lot of marketing. However, as her business grows, so does her internal team, and she was ready to go client-facing with a new brand identity. She had a skeleton site that she wanted filled out, and launched in a way that created more presence in the industry. She also wanted some different types of writing that could attract leads when she was ready to step on the gas.

Our project with Naomi was to distill her brand story and services, build her the website she needed, and get started on some marketing strategies that Naomi could implement along her growth journey. Her differentiators are her commitment to DEI, and her decentralized network of recruiters that are aligned in her philosophy. Further, she also has transparent billing, and the ability to remain flexible with her contracts, which is unusual for her industry, and keeps folks coming back. Those unique features allowed for the development of a lead capture development that is far from canned or even automated, inspiring conversations while acquiring clients.


The result is a slick and professional site, while still remaining human and earthy. We chose a text-based site in the hues of soil to bloom, and instead of launch emails, wrote a series of white papers to highlight her philosophy and engage her audiences in the industry and on LinkedIn.  

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Nica brought Marigold's online presence to life with style and vision that captured and crafted our brand. She led me through a process that brought clarity to my unique offering and encouraged the business to bloom beyond my expectations. We started at the roots and she helped me nurture the vision through launch with guidance at every new step. The end result was nothing short of magic!

NAOMI MINTURN, founder, Marigold Tech Recruiting

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