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The Remix Project & Nicacelly Collection

Where it all began.

For thirteen years, beginning in 2002, I was a fashion designer. I had a big vision: to create a clothing line that, with each season, took out more and more of the intrinsic problems of contemporary fashion production: sweatshops & ecologically irresponsible textile production to name two.

I started with gear from Hieroglyphics, a record label I worked at when I first moved to California. I'd cut up damaged tour tees or overstock that had been sitting around into women's tees, dresses, skirts, etc. The color and juxtaposition between traditional textiles and hip hop were a reflection of the brilliance of the early oughts in the Bay Area. The Remix Project was live!


In 2004, I launched a second cut-and-sew project called Nicacelly Collection. I worked with newly engineered textiles like soy jersey and bamboo, as well as dead stock (never used overstock warehoused for time) ikats, quilted denims, and other mill ends that could be found in the backrooms of factories, abandoned or unused by former clients.


Ultimately, the work was received and featured in multiple press outlets, including Bravo's Housewives of Atlanta, MTV's Pimp My Ride, my personal favorite KPFA's Hard Knock Radio, and more. I went on to design correspondence collections (producing white blanks, sending to natural dyer artists for seasonal and living colors), and workwear. Ultimately, it was time to retire the brand in favor of new investigations in art and design. The last collection launched in Spring of 2015. 

Project Dates: 2002-2015


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