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Antiques & 20th Century Design

Communications Strategy & Development + Company & Founder Bios + Mission Statement + Content Writing

Philip Stites is a leader in his field of antiques and 21st-century design.

After a rescue of the legendary Therien Collection from auction he, along with his small dedicated team, endeavored the brave move from moving from a brick-and-mortar to online experience for collectors, interior designers, and more. All during the Covid epidemic.


Philip was looking for the launch of communication to share the good news of the online exhibition experience. Together, we re-wrote Philip's launch email, the company bio in long and short versions, and created a welcome email as well as a launch email. When their CRM software wasn't cooperating, we devised a quick tactic to reach out to Stites' broad audience of established designers, and sales conversations began immediately. 

Because their website was already developed by another agency ala carte when we started working together, there wasn't a holistic strategy to connect all the channels of communication in a way that would streamline sales and optimize channels. So, we reverse-engineered the process of branding, beginning with harvesting the brand story, team bios, and taking the essence of his work and voice to build out the foundation of email communications. We are now consistently sending out weekly email series with highlights from the collection, curated into mini-collections (They are super fun - sign up here)​.

We continue to work together after the initial scope to support the launch of a new channel of busines: Philip Stites MADE. 

Project Dates: 2020-21

Nicacelly has been an invaluable and unflinching guide through the seemingly endless circle of collateral material required to launch my website,  With a knowledge-based, but also a creative outside the box approach, she moved the process along in a very timely and well thought out manner.  Each step of the way a considered step, before moving to the next.  It has been a great pleasure to not only work with Nicole but to simply get to know her a bit.  


From one of the lucky,


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