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I spent time this winter with a digital currency fan. You know - block chain, Bitcoin, Etherium. They were very eager to share. And I was eager to learn. I listened to what they said, and invested appropriately. I was rich in a second and then lost anything I gained a few days later. Gained it - and lost it - and gained it again. Volatility. Fits and starts. These are primary features of the moment. The pattern appears as the cries of a newborn. Unsure of how to respond, the newborn reacts only with the new emotions, trying them on until they can communicate with more ease. It's also a sign that the baby is maturing and exploring feeling, an indicator of growth. Ultimately, something more composed, intentional, and thoughtful emerges.⁠ We are all in this process as we work into this new moment - cries, giggles, and all. The overhaul of all the “norms” we knew to be true are asking us to change, fast. We see it in governance, community building, technology, and yes, social media threads. Our systems, inside and out, are getting a rewrite and reboot. There is also new wisdom and brilliant ideas coming through, begging for actuality. Can we make them seen, heard, understood, and visible? What we know for sure is that our days of being silo'd are nearly over, and we are ripe for new collaboration. If you are ready to share your ideas, your words, and reconnect with your vision and community, I invite you to contact me. Whether you need strategies to reach out to a new community, revise how people connect with your services or offerings, or launch a whole new endeavor, I would be honored to support you on the path. Wishing you ease and health, Nica


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