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Artwork for California, Jordan Muller's sound experience, completed in June, 2020 and available now

HOW ARE WE DOING? The revolution is absolutely here, it is definitely televised, and we are most certainly part of it. This moment we've all been waiting for. We are in the proverbial IT. That truly stokes my fire, and I've got a lil flame to share if you need it. Though anticipation is completely absorbing and it is anyone's prediction what's coming, what I do know is that countless people will survive this moment. We will dust ourselves off, grieve and empathize, and continue living. Because, that is what we do. We will build anew and refresh not only what we know, but also set a new course in collective motion. Word on (my work) street is that the artists, the healers - leaders: those with big ideas for which Now presents the space and time to cultivate ideas - are on the up and up. Brilliant ideas are moving from formlessness to form, and fast. If you didn't get the invitation, let this be it- you are invited, and if I can support your efforts, please do reach out.


It's easier for some to move their dreams into reality. We are learning why it's easier for them and harder for others while witnessing those aspects in ourselves. Here's is the thing- we can adapt in this time. We can grow. And we can right our course for the second half of 2020. In this moment, I've had the opportunity to work with some beautiful people. They have utilized our time together to complete long-standing music projects, brand their business and take it online, and dip toes into new endeavors not based in capitalism. Sometimes it's design and art support, strategy and/or marketing and/or creative direction, but so often, it's about articulation and finding language to communicate in these moments of change. Finding the right language allows us to align with the moment while remaining authentic. If you have are in a space where you are ready for that transformation, please do be in touch. May you all remain healthy in mind and body in these challenging times.

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