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The meal to celebrate dissolving a contract for reasons of sexism, racism and homophobia, 2018.


Instant coffee is not anyone's thing, but sometimes it's the only option, and a blessing if the circumstance calls for it. The thing about it is the actual taste has a thinness and transparency that belies its origins. You know it's instant, instantly. There are rich versions with promises, but ultimately, you feel like someone's getting one over on you. Even while consuming the instacup, we dream of and long for the real thing. If you are familiar with longing, it is one of the deepest sources of suffering.* We linger nonetheless with the instant, hoping for a satisfying sip. A scroll here, an affirmation and confirmation there. As my best sisterfriend says, “You scroll until you feel something.” And feeling something… what are we trying to feel? What feeling are we imposing, or inviting? Are we feigning smarts or actualizing wisdom? Good news: The days of fronting are now turning to compost. The ground is ready for the starts you groomed over this last year. So, where to begin? If you are ready to share your ideas and projects, reconnect with your vision with your community, and need a sounding board or collaborator, I invite you to get in touch. We'll create rich, direct, and engaging content, together.Whether you need strategies to reach out to a new community, revise how people connect with your services or offerings, or launch new messaging, I would be honored to support you on the path. To the real richness, Nicole aka Nicacelly aka Your Girl Cel


I believe it's again time to check in with what we are up to, and close the space between our intentions, our actions, and their actual effects on our current and prospective communities. We all know how connected we are, so no need to hide from your people, your audience, your clients. The season is right to share your experience of creating more peace, freedom, and equanimity for every client, audience member, and community you touch. If an online presence is part of your plan, I can help you shorten the distance your community has to travel to find you and access your services. From conceptualizing and aligning your mission statement and brand, coaching or project managing launches and relaunches, messaging and communications, we will work one on one in a way that is supportive, holistic, and complete- soup to nuts, as they say. Please contact me for a free 30-minute intake where we can begin to dive into where your project is, and how we can set it into flight. Here are some starting points for services I offer:


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