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Website for brand extension + Launch Marketing

Philip Stites is a legend in the world of world-class antiques, 20th-century design, and custom furniture design. His collection is highly coveted, and his partnership with other design companies, such as Fournir Collections, are robust and forward-thinking as they acknowledge the deep history of design. With his esteemed partner, Patricia Sims, he has led the Los Angeles world of high-end objects of yore while they weathered partnerships, acquisitions, big business changes, market shifts, and all the storms that can be met in a combined near-century of work.  


Now it's time for (another) celebration. Philip and Patricia have just opened up a new design lab in Los Angeles,  keeping their audience intrigued with crucial histories of the museum-quality antiques they are famous for. This new endeavor is another channel on the tree of their work together, and as we set out to brand it, we decided that along with Philip Stites Antiques, this endeavor should be PSMADE. We developed the logo (keep it simple!), and a mini-website for 

Best part: Philip and Patricia just opened the doors to their new double gallery in the La Cienega Design Quarter under the Philip Stites Antiques. To double down on efforts, we created a press portal with downloadable goods. We created a site that was not only wonderfully engaging, with a new take on the objects of beauty, but also functions as a place to offer specialized information for special audiences.

Please visit PSMADE here.

Big shout out to Justin Christopher and Victor Koroma for their videography and photography collaborations, and a special thank you to the Electric Pony Studios in Los Angeles for making space for it to happen.


There's nothing like making an actual connection these days. You are invited to a free complimentary call with me.  I get to learn about your project or business, and share with you ways that I can support it. Whether you are working towards clarity on a new endeavor, have hit fits and starts and are ready to pave the path once and for all, these conversations are productive for everyone. 

Nicacelly has been an invaluable and unflinching guide through the seemingly endless circle of collateral material required to launch my website, (and now, PSMADELA.COM).  With a knowledge-based, but also a creative outside the box approach, she moved the process along in a very timely and well thought out manner.


Each step of the way a considered step, before moving to the next.  It has been a great pleasure to not only work with Nicole but to simply get to know her a bit.  


From one of the lucky,


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