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Full Brand Identity + Website + Operational Systems + Creative Direction

When Covid-19 hit in early 2020, and yoga studios closed overnight, Robin Duryea was one of the first in San Francisco to bring her classes online. And with that, she needed a new site that not only expressed her next chapter in teaching through visual language and a new brand experience, but also a streamlined customer experience that would allow her dedicated student community to connect with her.


I was inspired by her desire for clean graphics, and smart tag lines that seemed to flow like water. It reminded me of the work of feminist artist Barbara Kruger, famous for her billboards and graphics. Kruger's work was subsequently and most famously appropriated by the legendary skateboard company Supreme, and we decided to re-appropriate with a psychedelic twist unique to Robin's HQ in San Francisco and a hot pink hue.  The conversation of appropriation in yoga is current, and by flipping this visual strategy twice and then thrice, we were able to create a strong visual language that was representative of her work.

We also set Robin up with

  • integrated payment systems

  • creative briefs for video production, including set consult

  • an opt-in with unique looping back to site

  • video editing

  • email template

  • graphic assets for each event type. social media, and more

  • recorded training videos on how to use her site

  • follow-up care

Project Completed: June 2020

Ready for a new look & feel, and operational flow?

Let's talk about it over a free and productive conversation to discover how we can work together.

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