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Brand Refresh + Revenue Channels Expansion +

Website + Communications 

Dina Restivo has been teaching yoga for nearly 20 years. After acquiring and converting a small one-bedroom house in Exeter, California into a new yoga shala, she was looking to find ways to market her new endeavor with a proper grand opening, and improve her offerings to serve her community.

We began with a marketing and communications project to celebrate the opening, but also to understand what she wanted next in her career, why and what it signifies, how to do it, and how to communicate it. We organized her current offerings and designed new ones that wouldn't tax her already quite full schedule. By looking at her life, and how she wanted to live, we worked on a revenue-based model that asked less of her, but increased her income. New workshops, a revised pricing strategy, and identifying client funnels was what we started with.

We moved towards communicating these to her dedicated community through building a practice of communications and writing that shared Dina's wisdom with her clients. By focusing on her community, she was able to experience the meaning of what she was up to, and better understand how important she and her offerings were to her community.

After three months of consistent communication, it was time to take a look at her website and branding. We had started some of the branding in the shala launch strategy - from the inside and the outside - during the marketing phase, (what are we saying to who, how, and why?), and began the website. What we discovered in the process is that her yoga shala was a beautiful place that was being under-utilized and could provide some passive income. By opening the space to rentals for meetings, photoshoots, and dance classes, she could create more from what she already has without adding more classes to her already-tight schedule.

By assessing her offerings and revenue streams in tandem with holistic branding, we were able to not just increase revenue, but also create meaningful and manageable practices of communication to her community, prepare her for a sabbatical, and create new channels for her business.

Screen Shot 2023-01-27 at 1.49.37 PM.png

I got exactly what I needed while working with Nica. She had the ability to guide me but not push me out of my comfort zone. Nica was able to move me forward at a pace I was comfortable with.  All the while, she was an enthusiastic cheerleader and a constant source of creative ideas.


Nica set me up with [systems] allowing me to see clearly my revenue streams, which showed me where there were new opportunities. 


She set me up with a grand opening plan, adding new classes, and gradually increasing prices across the board. Recently, my Grand Opening happened as planned.  It was a huge success on many levels: large turnout, all had a good time, and I sold packages to new students. I had people show up whom I had never met before.

I feel like a business owner now with a plan and revenue streams and financial goals, allowing me to move forward with confidence. 


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