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There are so many breathwork practitioners these days- it's as if the world has woken up to the fact that we breathe. However, there are few breath practitioners who have been working as diligently, and for as long as Sierra Wilde. 

For over 25 years, Sierra has endeavored deep study with her teacher and has offered the practice to her community with a generosity that is unparalleled. Her techniques are well-honed and expert, and her skillfulness in holding space for her clients is compassionate, diligent, and kind. 

After the rough and tumble of the last few years, her practice has grown, but had yet to be formalized in a way that she could create ease for folks to access it. That's why we created a text-based website, free of trending imagery, to brand her practice. Akin to a site for a traditional health practitioner of the same ilk, we built brand language to honor the depth of the practice. 



You've created a beautiful experience that your community  values and wants to experience.

Let's make it legit.
Join me for a productive 30-minute conversation to align what you are up to and where you want to go.

Nica holds a brilliant container where I felt safe to explore my voice around what I am offering and how I am showing up. 

She coaxed me through my fears with care and clarity.  I am continually impressed by her skill at succinctly honing words and imagery to embody an offering, particularly one as amorphous as I felt mine was.


I have come out of this experience with an embodied sense of how I am showing up in the world.  I am deeply grateful to Nica and her capacity to hold all of me  while I morphed through this process.


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