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for HOLIDAY 2020

We all have someone in our life that has talked about a big project idea for months or years that has yet to actualize. And we want to save you from having to hear all about it over the holidays without a motion forward.

What would it be like to offer up to a dear one in your life the structure to bring them from rampant ideation into the first steps of actual realization? If someone you know has an incredible idea that they've needed support for, let's get them on the good foot for 2020. 

It's really simple. You no longer need to hear about it, and Nicacelly Creative will help this special person get down with the get down, outlining the first steps to get into their dream project moving, and offer a bit of follow-up to make sure they are following through.

What they get:

  • Concepting support- is the idea viable, and if not, how can we make it so? We will tease out what parts can be achieved in what amount of time.

  • Discerning the goals of the project 

  • Outlining measurable outcomes

  • A starter project plan - a calendar of accountability to get their project out of their minds and into their life

  • 2 follow-up calls within the month to make sure they are getting on the good foot for 2020.

4 hours / $408

8 hours / $808

Oh wait... is it you that needs the support?

All good. Holler.

Email or text to connect about this special package:

ether: nicole@nicacelly.com

air: 415-336-6189