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Holistic Branding Refresh + New Website + Marketing + Communications

Sonoma County, California is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and produce in the upper 48. And nestled into what we call "West County" is a community of healers and medicine makers; women who hold plant wisdom with unparalleled reverence.

Taproot Medicine exemplifies high-integrity plant-based medicines. Their syrups are (absolutely delicious) mainstays in so many homes in the area, that the likelihood of opening a fridge and finding a Strong Woman Syrup or Mighty Lungs Syrup is about 47% (intuitive guess based on personal experience).  That said, it was time to grow their business.


With co-owners Charlotte Connors and Jessica Kleiderman stewarding a keystone collection, the business has been doing well. However, their online presence did not match the quality of their medicines, and there was so much to be told and shared, they needed a new platform to jump start their marketing.

Through an internal and external brand refresh, we built a new online identity including:

  • a customer-facing manifesto, and full internal/external brand writing

  • the install of a plant glossary

  • GMP statement

  • a new and dynamic custom Shopify website, including custom video

  • custom print assets

  • updated product labels

We did it all with custom video for a more cinematic effect within their existing Shopify site, fully customized.

We also improved upon the wholesale ordering program, created custom print assets, a custom marketing logic, and a custom 4 campaign communications schedule, all replicable. As they began to integrate these changes, within 24 hours of our first email communications, sales jumped 75% in a 24 hour period. This inspired the prioritization of new product launches that are being rolled out over the next year. The excitement is real. As are the beautiful medicines they make.

You can experience their wisdom here.


Looking for a whole business refresh, from roots to flower?

Let's talk about it.
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