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Full Brand Build + Website + Communications + Marketing  

The Well Studio Dublin is a collaboration born from a yoga teacher and an army veteran. They had one beautiful goal: to build a community around health and wellbeing. And, they wanted to do it in the midst of the pandemic. They had a lease on a women's fitness gym, and retooled it into a wellness space that offered not only a gym and dedicated yoga studio, but also barre, nutrition services, virtual programming, and community events. We got them live and launched.

We built the brand from the inside out, beginning with whom they were serving, why, and what they envisioned. Then we started to connect the dots to harvest and discover brand values, the why's and of course, what was being offered. Their story and narrative were also fascinating, so we wrote a fresh brand story, as well as a thoughtful inclusivity statement and lineage/honor statement for their yoga program. 

Marketing development happened in tandem. We built a landing page first so we could harness the power of email marketing for their community, and keep these folks with interim programming while the physical space and online business were built out. This was the key piece that encouraged fluidity and created traction before the doors opened. This journey could have been longer, but we remained focused and in close collaboration. As a result, a creative relationship was created that is now ongoing. It has been an absolute pleasure and honor to spend this time with the founders as they serve their growing community in such diverse and dedicated ways.

You, too are invited to gather around The Well to Be Well.

And stay well. 

Nicole's creativity, flexibility and timely delivery has been instrumental to the launch of our businesses. She asked the right questions to lead myself and our team on a fruitful journey to get clear on our vision and how best to bring that to life for our prospects and clients.


We started with overall branding and business philosophy, then transitioned to the creative aspects of bringing our best online presence to reality in the form of living websites.


The process was fast-paced and challenging as if pushed us to think ahead and envision a future that we could not yet fully relate to. I appreciate her ability to challenge my thinking and offer varying concepts as an approach for getting to the best possible solutions. She's a joy to work with and her organizational skills rock solid.


The end results have consistently exceeded my expectations.


Founder, The Well Studio

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