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Sebastopol, California

Branding Refresh + Studio Redesign & Remodel + Art Commission + Marketing Support

Shannan Donovan has been teaching yoga in the heart of West County Sonoma for over 20 years. She was ready to celebrate her studio and community with a branding refresh and a full interior remodel. Thrive Yoga transformed from a studio into a shala, a school, and refuge for the local community. To do that, we brought in one element: light.

A beautiful ombre mural was created by artist Joshua Powell, where dawn and dusk exist simultaneously. We replaced blinds with a frost window treatment and bronze plexiglass hanging overlay - an installation that lets light in while keeping the space private. To mask a cinderblock wall, I created custom wheat paste art of the coastline, so that when you walk into the small space, you are greeted with the glory of the Sonoma Coast. We moved greige into creams, peaches, and golds, and brought a contemporary dash with an almost-black glaze trim. Custom teak benches and wall hangs finish the space off beautifully.

For the logo refresh, we took the old logo out of a literal box, and freed the lotus, choosing a font that was open, modern, and easy to read. To contrast with the lightness of the studio and to keep the edge that Thrive is known for (specifically Shanna's always-sold-out Sunday Revival class) we chose a vibrant violet as the main color- a new take on the deep maroon it was before. It also translates beautifully to social, for which we began the year with a rock-n-roll lady-led theme.

A branding refresh is not just about the space or the labels. It's also about the energy that is brought in anew, to lift those who come into a business, and also those that work there. To top off the branding refresh and the remodel, I worked with Shannan to revive the working relationships between the teachers. The most beautiful experience was to begin monthly teacher meetings- first, to welcome the whole space into being, and secondly, to begin work practices that revived the relationships of those who work there. We worked on SOP's, channels of communication, and developed workshops which are slated to begin in late 2019. I am honored to have supported  the whole nature of Thrive Yoga Shala.

Project Dates: November 2018 - Spring 2019

Working with Nicole was AMAZING. Nicole's depth, humor, and ability to communicate clearly  made the Thrive re-branding and remodel a mind blowing and heart opening experience. As a team we felt fully supported by Nicole and her ability to hold space and hold boundaries with integrity and spirit.



Need a refresh, inside and out?

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