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Full Brand Identity + Website + Operational Systems + Marketing Strategy + Copywriting + Content Writing + Email Templates 

Tina Templeman is a teacher with deep roots in Seattle. She was a top-tier instructor with corporate franchises and local studios alike for over 20 years when she contacted me at the top of the pandemic of 2020. She was ready to, as a senior-level Baptiste teacher and Lululemon ambassador, begin a new chapter of her career that focused on her own curriculum. She needed a new platform complete and a clear and consistent brand identity, a new website with plug-in-free operational systems, and a foundation for marketing.

Clients who re-launch their careers through a new branding and website experience learn quickly it's not just about the branding. It's about every piece of their brilliance being taken into their own hands. It's about the reigns transferring from the hands of institutional behemoths to the self-propelled business owner. Luckily, Tina is keen on her own transformations (she's also a coach), and was ready for this challenge.


Allowing for this creativity to take its first breath is the guiding force and gateway to the brand. Identifying and spending time on the what, the format, and in this case, the long-term student journey created the cornerstones to the new entity that Tina is creating. The result was an interdisciplinary approach to building a business, including:

- B2B & internal transition strategy including communications, collaborative email collection, copywriting and accountability

- Full brand identity including all visual assets (logo, colors, and more), philosophy & mission statements, and inclusivity statement

- New custom website inclusive of nimble event/class listings & registration,  payment & email marketing systems, all copywriting, & photo selection

- Opt-in development

curriculum design support & follow-up execution

Project Completed: 2020, ongoing

Choosing Nicole Markoff of Nicacelly as my web designer was one of the best choices I made when it came to building and designing my new online career. She is very intuitive and I was astounded at her ability to write content so in-line with my mission and vision. Her eye for color, the layout design and the images she chose were perfect. She was easy to work with and even a lot of fun! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, you won’t be disappointed.


Ready for a full business transformation?

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