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Holistic Branding + Systems + Website + Communications + Re-Launch

There are few sound healers with as much experience as Tom Soltron and Abby Delsol.  The two met after long journeys to the center of their life work, and together as Tone of Life, they lead Sound Healing and Therapy trainings, workshops, and concerts across the globe.

They already had their logo, but their internal brand and site language did not recognize the magnitude of their expertise, story, and ideas in a way that could be consumed and digested. The goal was to create a narrative and a cohesive website where they could also condense some of their operations with more ease and automation with streamlined internal admin tasks. By bringing their online experience and communications under one roof, we were able to share their interdisciplinary offerings of experiences, trainings, products, music, retreat center, and yoga methodology with more concision, inclusion, and simultaneously, calls to action.

Further, we created a rhythm of communications to engage their audience with a welcome series that features beautiful music downloads, and monthly communications

Over time, we often create piecemeal solutions as changes take place. The result is a cumulative bulletin board of disparate systems. However, when we distill the story of where we've been and ideate and focus on where we are going, we have a different outcome. The result is an actual experience that engages the audience- one that informs, invites, and clarifies offerings for them so that they can interact and participate. The results allow founders to connect more closely with their audience, and experience a level of spaciousness to keep growing themselves.

Ready for a Refresh & Re-launch?

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