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Full Branding Package & Email Marketing: Logo + Brand Name + Website + Print Collateral + Opt-In Concepting & Content Writing + Welcome Email Series

This project is not only a branding project. It is the launch of a new era for a talented designer stepping out on his own with his own firm.

Patrick Welch has been designing exquisite interiors for 20 years.

He holds credits for projects in Tahoe, Aspen, Hawaii, Seattle, New York, and London. He is known for collaborating with architects and artisan workrooms to create bespoke product for projects.

First, we created a new name for the business that encompasses the fact that it is a design group working across two countries and three states. Then we created a logo simple enough to translate across print, web, and even email signatures. Together, we collaborated on a lot of writing and incorporated everything into his new website. Just in time for him to depart for Paris and reground second business... Atelier Tours Paris.

We found a true collaborator in Nicole.  Her intuition and active listening are a credit to the project at hand.  She draws on the wisdom of many disciplines, integrates and implements ideas seamlessly.  Her ability to be fully present makes the process such a rich experience.   



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