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That was the first headline I created when we started the digital marketing campaign for AcroYoga International. It was a hit. After three years as the brand manager, we started taking on digital marketing to sell the teacher trainings and festivals that are hallmarks of the AcroYoga International brand. I was lucky to work with this visionary community for four years in multiple capacities.  As the contracted brand manager and creative director, I was responsible for:

  • all creative briefs, for designers and photographers

  • brand management

  • marketing plans, content, and execution for, on average, 5+ Teacher Trainings and 7 festivals in as many countries per year

  • digital marketing

  • copywriting

  • customer-facing communications

  • video treatments, project management

  • merchandise design and production

  • and elevating myself past the multi-hyphenate limit

AcroYoga is practiced by over one million people in over 55 countries. Because it is a practice that involves touch and bodies, we had the opportunity to rewrite how to train the leadership to address diversity and inclusion in a way that hadn't been endeavored before. It was a challenging and proud moment for us all.

Project Dates: 2014-18

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