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Branding + Business Alignment Coaching

Cara is a wildly talented writer, implementor, designer. She is a nerd, and proud of it. When she showed me her compendium of tools, it was honestly alarming how much she's created. There were all these beautiful components. They just needed to be organized into a vision and a visual journey. 


Much about a business website is like designing a house. Deciding what goes into which rooms, who gets to live in those rooms, and how who comes in flows through the space. What Cara had were all the components. She just needed a house. And a house that wasn't basic, which is what a lot of businesses who do what she does have. A woman casually sitting with a cup of coffee on a plush couch. Cara actually had one of those websites, but it wasn't her- she's too interesting for that. And talented in her wordsmithing. 

So here's what we did- we committed to large text, and collage elements that speak to her community, and if you can catch the vibe, it's a bit of a hidden message with pollination, moths to the flame, and touching in on her ideal client through the visual and written language that they can understand. 

Ready to commit to your business and get it going?

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Join me for a productive 30-minute conversation to align what you are up to and where you want to go.

I have never worked with someone who saw me at my core more clearly than Nica did. She was able to not only understand me and translate the essence of me into a design I LOVE, she held space for me while I figured out some of that stuff along the way. It was truly a transformative journey to work with her and she was so patient with my own creative process while maintaining the integrity of her own. I love sending people to my website now and am proud of how well it speaks to me and what I do. She's magic!


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