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The Buddha & The Bard

Author Website for Book Launch & Communications Intro

Lauren Shufran was about to release their new book, The Buddha and the Bard, on Mandala Press, and was in need of a place to land the tens of thousands of folks that they had accrued as followers on Instagram.

For the three years prior, Lauren held (and still holds) a captive audience on Instagram, building upon the connective layers between Shakespeare and the teachings of the Buddha. Through a visual strategy, they were able to cultivate a language that became the baseline of the website which houses all facets of Lauren's work and also hosts an easy-to-update press page, contact forms, calls to action for book sales, and a mini drip communication that is a functioning set-it-and-forget-it, so Lauren can focus on... the next book.

Learn more about this project and see the site  here.

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Nicacelly's holistic approach to branding, messaging, and business development is what attracted me to work with her. I needed help transforming my brand and site to align with the new direction of my business. It would take more than changing a little content or the template of my site, or adding a new logo. It was about going deep. 


There's a way she peeled back the layers to uncover who I am now, how I want to be of service now. NIca's process was a journey of self discovery. She took on the role of guide, coach, mentor, and creative wizard, inviting me to step outside the box and reach further. She helped me hold the big picture in view when the details felt overwhelming. Her humor, focused presence, and wide smile brought ease to the process as well. 


I see my business as an extension of who I am, an expression of my values and skills. Nica's work has elevated my site in a way that lets me engage more authentically with my clients and community and build my business. For this, I am deeply grateful. 


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