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Site Refresh + Email Marketing Build-Out + Print Collateral

Molly Obert is a certified Nutrition Consultant opening a brick and mortar within The Well Studio, a new community fitness and yoga-based studio in Dublin, California. What's so cool about Molly is that she is the kind of nutritionist who recognizes that shifting the way we eat is a journey. Part of that is building access points for people to begin shifting their habits and patterns while engaging in new practices in their relationship to food.

She already had her logos, colors, and fonts. She had a website, but it did not function. That means it wasn't getting her traffic, and had some functionality issues that needed attention (buttons with no links, contact, etc.). There were no clear calls to action or customer/client journey that folks could follow and engage with. So we got to work refreshing her operational customer journey, re-discovering her brand, and harvesting her voice. Then we refreshed the site with delicious photography, available on her site platform, cutting costs and time tremendously.

The site went up, and then it was time to lead folks there. We developed her email welcome series and print assets, creating a conversational flow  with her potential clients with emails that serve the process from the gate. In other words, there is not one email that goes out that doesn't provide exceptional value for the potential client. From the first "hello," they are in the flow.

I've had dreams of a beautiful website that represents ME! Nicole heard my wishes and clued in to what I do and how I do it. In turn, she coupled her insight of me and my business with her expertise in not only website design but my business space! Now my website to reflects my vision, flows and drives business.


Got a website that could use a tune-up?

Let's talk about it over a free and productive conversation to discover how we can work together.

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