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Branding Mark + Album Design + Merchandise Design & Production

In 2014, Janet Stone was recording a new album with DJ Drez. She was also looking to open up a new merchandising program. When we first discussed her album cover art and merchandise, she had one design and her general logo but had yet to push out a design that could be replicable and translatable across multiple media - both online and in print on garments.

I noticed on her personal yoga mat three marks- the marks of Siva, the great destroyer. I took a chance and began to paint and work with these marks as a meditation. Ultimately, what came out was the first album design. We then worked with these marks and created garments that spoke to the mantra that is for Siva. Ultimately, it was this intuitive hit for a design that has been running through her offerings for the last five years. Part intentional devotion and part happenstance branding, this design has become a recognizable look and feel of the JSY brand.

Janet is known for her tremendous wisdom and canonical teaching. Part of this is the use of ritual objects, including malas. We partnered with Bali Malas to create a custom mala produced in a limited run, made of traditional rudraksha beads, with three, 14-karat gold beaded chains, echoing the Siva marks, vertically.

In 2018, Janet was recording a new album, Path of Devotion, with musician Nat Kendall. They asked me to do the cover. For this particular endeavor, I used the same methodology of hand-made marks, this time in honor of Laksmi, the goddess of abundance and grace. The album topped the World Chart for almost as long as the first album. The artwork from that album, including the first Siva brush strokes, are now printed on exclusive Lululemon garments through Janet's site at her events.

It has been an absolute honor of my life to work and study with this beautiful human and infinitely wise teacher. Please do check her out.

cover image by the wonderful Sanjin Kastelan.

Nicole's talent lies in her unique way of seeing the world in textures and extraordinary expressions of life in even the most ordinary of objects. 

What she creates gives articulation to the way in which she views life as art.


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