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Crystals aren't just for catching vibes with third wave witches.

They are indeed magical, but also pragmatic and prolific in form and function, part of our technologies both spiritual and mechanical. Louis XV showed off his Brazilian crystals in chandeliers as a show of his global might, and also, to cast a bit more light on the situation with their refractory capabilities. A bodyworker I work with lays her collection to charge under the full moon, and talks to them (apparently they talk back) to guide her in her practice. In Wyoming, crystals get squeezed up from deep in earth, a signal of mineral resources below.

And then there's the crystal as timekeeper.

Tick tock.

Time is passin' by.

Say what?

Have you heard that sound recently? The tick and tock of a real clock?

Lean into a watch - the clock you wear on your wrist, of the Swatch variety - and you'll remember it. Truth is - that's the sound of the crystal. If you peek under the hood at the gears inside, you'll discover that the hands are moved by the vibration of a tiny crystal in the shape of a tuning fork. That teeny tiny lil quartz prong serves as the oscillator. That one piece of earthen majesty connects us to our understanding of time.

What took hundreds of thousands years to produce is the very thing that connects us to our measurement of light and dark. And it's no surprise that it's ubiquitous - a constant reminder of what is passing by, anticipation of what is to come, and how we prepare for it.

Also, by nature, crystals are always trying to find their way to stability.

The Dislodged Crystal:

So, I'm working a yoga retreat this past summer and one of the attendees is not doing great, experiencing a bout of vertigo. I suspected that she was dehydrated, maybe succumbing to the smoke from a nearby wildfire. I brought her stevia-sweetened hydration salts - couldn't hurt. Inbetween sips, she is talking about her inner ear crystals, and that one has fallen out of place. Sure, I say. Keep drinking.

As it turns out, she does have a dislodged crystal in her inner ear. So, of course, like every other person who doubts the medical industry (hold comment, everyone, please), I googled it:

The utricle is a nearby part of the ear. It contains calcium crystals (canaliths) that help it detect movement. Sometimes these crystals detach from the utricle and end up inside the semicircular canals. When these crystals move inside the canals, they may send incorrect signals to your brain about your (physical) position.

When it comes to our systems of business, personal life, and getting all of it in sync, we might fall out of rhythm, battling our sense of balance. And if you are an independent entrepreneur, it's likely that some of the crystals pop out from time to time, and we can feel ourselves overwhelmed and often, out of time.


If we create the space to take a look at all the moving parts, we might find not just the piece that needs to get back into position (spoiler alert: rest), but also give ourselves the opportunity to recalibrate and makes things… dare I say, easier on ourselves.

If you are interested in one of those audits, or are curious about simplifying and enriching your communications, and clarifying your vision in the new year, I invite you to a collaboration call. Because as we all know, the time is now.

Con amor and soon,



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