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Full Brand Package: Wordmark Logo + Website + Business Card + Digital & Postcard Templates 

This world needs a whole lot of healing. Yes, you know it. That's what Michele Parad is doing, one client at a time, with Sanctuary Roots.

Michele is certified in the Modern Mystery School, a lineage of esoteric healers that work with Life Activation, Theta Healing, and other practices. Initiates to this school include phenoms such as David Bowie, Carl Jung, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Michele needed a site that spoke to her work, which is abstract for many to understand on the first introduction. We decided to show more and tell less while driving potential to sign up for her free consultation. We structured the site in a way that is familiar for potential clients, using best practices for layout. Instead of branding colors, we decided on branding effects that spoke more to what Michele was actually doing in her healing practice. Using a combination of digital art modalities, I created sheer color fields that speak to the way Michele's work brings color back to people's lives. We chose fonts that were contemporary and magazine-like, bringing more credence to a practice that might otherwise be too woo-woo for some. By grounding in these two elements, we struck gold for her first step into her launch as a spirit healer. We also created two custom letters for her wordmark, which allowed her to activate the Chloe font, but with a bit more flare.


The result was a full-bodied website, with copywriting and editing to bring folks closer to what Michele offers by bringing them through the gateway for the first client call. 

Completed 2019

Nicole is a genuine soul with deep design expertise and knowledge in branding communication. It's hard to find someone with one, let alone all of these qualities. She really cared very much about presenting me in the best light. I can’t stop staring at my website like a piece of art.


Ready for a beautiful brand experience?

Let's talk about it over a free and productive conversation to discover how we can work together.

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