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Mini Brand Pack + Landing Page

Sarah Nelson is known for her work at the intersection of community and food education & access. She is executive director of 18 Reasons in San Francisco, the nonprofit arm of BiRite family of businesses.

Moved by the support she received in her first days of mamahood, Sarah decided  to become a certified doula to support other new parents. Beginning by paying it forward with pro-bono offerings, she wanted to create a simple landing page with visual impact that would allow soon-to-be parents to contact her easily.

We created the landing page with a clean, bright look inspired by Finnish design and simple pop colors to allow for readability, and content that was client-facing, so for those who aren't in the place of having lots of "time" (aka new parents), they can access services quickly.

Check her out!

Nicole created a custom website for my small business. She is a delight to work with - creative, flexible, and fast. She truly listens and acts quickly on feedback. She took my random non-creative thoughts and effortlessly turned them into a beautiful and functional website. We had so much fun brainstorming together, and I was able to watch the site change in real time


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