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Brand Writing & Site Refresh for V.3 Launch

Our work is a living thing. Which means, it matures and transforms in the process. We always talk about goals, and how to grow into them with strategies that "work". 

I began working with Tina Templeman in 2019, just before the pandemic. She was teaching loads of classes, leading teacher training modules, and was at a point where she needed to brand and grow, but also... make space. She had so many irons in the fire, and truth be told, the energy to tend them. However, just because there was energy doesn't mean that there was space to grow. 

We began with settling and celebrating the foundation - organizing and taking a look at what she was up to, and created her first formal branding and website experience. What was most impressive is that Tina took the communications practices and was able to maintain them for three years. Her open rates are now nearing 70%, which is quite exceptional. So... it works!

Earlier in 2022, Tina risked a few very big leaps. Grounded in her 10+ years of studying transformational work and 25+ years teaching yoga and functional anatomy, she closed down her studio classes, focusing only on global retreats with trusted partners she had built with in the last five years. Then, she was ready to launch her coaching.

We worked with the branding that we previously established for her V.2 launch to build her V.3 transformation, and only wrote new brand messaging. Everything is still housed under the same systems we established earlier for appointments and bookings. The refresh was completed in late 2022, and now Tina is in her second new and successful chapter. We are so thrilled for the collaboration, and urge you all to check her out here.

Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 6.23.49 PM.png

Choosing Nicacelly as my web designer was one of the best choices I made when it came to building and designing my new online career. She is very intuitive and I was astounded at her ability to write content so in-line with my mission and vision. Her eye for color, the layout design and the images she chose were perfect. She was easy to work with and even a lot of fun!


I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, you won’t be disappointed.


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