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All the design work I do stems from contemporary art practice.



Nicole's art and design practices cultivate works that navigate the analogous links between landscape and thought production, from a tantric/nondual perspective.  Working with textiles as medium and subject, and photography, projection, and video as process, she has built a compendium of work that includes drawings, studies, writings, photographs, videos, and daily practices. She works with the earth as the most reliable form of reality and is currently captivated by regenerative agriculture principles.

In 2015, she moved to West County Sonoma, California, where fires and floods have challenged the land and people these last few years. This has directly influenced her artwork and collaborative endeavors. Her newer works seek to recover a regenerative narrative that uncovers our potential to understand and work with the landscape, as it is now, and to turn the mothership around. She invites you to join her in that effort at any time.

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